Frisco 4501 repainted

Discussion in 'Surviving Equipment' started by ZakAttack4501, Sep 10, 2007.

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    As a representative of the Museum of the American Railroad, I am proud to announce that St. Louis San Francisco Railroad 4-8-4 #4501 has been repainted back into the original Meteor scheme. Only three things are missing now, and are being worked on: 1. The Meteor symbols on either side of the tender 2. The numbers under the cab windows and 3. The right cylinder jacket. We tried to save the original, but it was too deplored. We put the original in storage and we've ordered a new one. I invite everyone to come on out to see the 4501 and the work-in-progress that is our Big Boy.
  2. Karl

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    ...2. The numbers under the cab windows and ....

  3. ZakAttack4501

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    I'm sorry, I meant the word "FRISCO" and then the numbers on the tender. I posted that very late last night so I wasn't thinking straight.
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    Hi...I'm delighted to see that #4501 has bee saved. I rode the Meteor at least a dozen times behind steam and diesel when I was a kid. My last Meteor trip was in 1952. I have so many memories of that train and I want to model both versions. Any advise on motive power and consists would be a big help.
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    Hi, I am vice president of the Railroad Historical Museum here in Springfield MO. Do you have any pictures of the new paint job on the 4501? Our 4524 is in need of some metal work but is in pertty good shape. Here is a link to my web site. Thanks

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