Frisco 185 in Lego

Discussion in '4-4-0 American' started by sed6, Nov 20, 2018.

  1. sed6

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    Hi all-
    I wanted to introduce myself first. Mid-years, lifetime train fan. I grew up close to the St Louis Museum of Transport, got to explore the St Louis Union Station when it still had tracks and cars, before conversion. I've dabbled in most hobby gauges from Z-scale to G-scale. My latest hobby endeavor is L-gauge. That's short for Lego gauge.

    Through this website I've been able to do extensive research on the Frisco 185. So, first off, thanks to everyone here who contributes! I've recreated my 185 in Lego with an eye toward good scaling and some basic details. A few pipes, stacks and other small details were enough for me. My primary goal was durability both on and off the track. Another goal was using only standard Lego parts. Overall I'm happy with the balance between durability and detail.

    So without further ado, here's a pic.


    If you are interested in learning more about my building 185 and see her running (again), here's a link to a thread I create on a family friendly Lego forum. Lots more pics and a video there as well.

    Hope you like!
    OKC, OK
  2. meteor910

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    Nice job!
  3. Joe Lovett

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    Scott, Welcome to the Frisco website!!!

    Great job on the locomotive, looks fantastic.

  4. yardmaster

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    Welcome aboard, Scott. Nice work, too. The Lego trains at the National Train Show in KC looked a bit toylike so my eye. Admittedly I didn't investigate too closely. Regardless, I enjoy seeing a good prototype representative.

    Best Regards,
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  5. sed6

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    Thanks all! I actually had some stuff running at that show. A BNSF ES44AC and some rolling stock.
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  6. WindsorSpring

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    Follow the link sed6 placed in the first post to see some very impressive renditions of railroad rolling stock. It is Lego, but, wow!
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  7. yardmaster

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    Sorry I missed it; in hindsight I think I probably missed a lot in that part of the show. Impressive stuff.

    In my two score and 6 years of life experience, there's nothing like stepping on a Lego in bare feet to break down one's inhibition for strong exclamations.

    Best Regards,
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  8. Joe Lovett

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    Step Step @π%&!!!
    Is this what you are talking about Chris? LOL
    Been there before.

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  9. yardmaster

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    Indeed, you took the words right out of my mouth, Joe. Unfortunately I have always had challenges in dealing with sudden, non-serious pains or being startled in a graceful manner. :)
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