Frisco #1100 (Arkansas) observation car; original specifications

Discussion in 'Business Cars' started by chris, Sep 13, 2003.

  1. Thanks Joe. Our NMRA photo contest this month is passenger cars so I used 1100. In the description I asked our entire division to email my dad and suggest buying this again! Lol At least he will have lots in his inbox.

    We got about 2”” Monday here. Bitter cold and windy. But today it was warmer and sunny so most of it melted. The kids loved it but I’m ready for spring now.
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  2. Actually, the repairs are being done on the car for it’s future use. The steps are off and are actually being rebuilt by the contractor. We appreciate you looking in on the car and our office is 859-577-5007 if you need to speak with a staff member.
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  3. The steps were beyond safe for any use. Having had a high shelf coupling the platform had multiple issues. After purchasing the car a decision was made to remove the tread plate to determine if any damage
    existed. Fortunately, the buffer was intact but the handrail was also damaged.
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  4. Thanks Andrew, gives me a little more hope for it. As much as I enjoy knowing an old Frisco car and myself both ended up in the same little town in Ohio I hope for better for that car. Thanks for the info!!
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  5. The kids took their annual picture by 1100 today. Andrew's crew did get the broken out windows covered which is a relief.

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