Frisco #1100 (Arkansas) observation car; original specifications

Discussion in 'Business Cars' started by chris, Sep 13, 2003.

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  2. Is anyone here seriously interested in owning this car?
  3. I have stopped by the 1100 a couple times this week. I thought maybe something finally happened with it as a crew was servicing and doing a air test on the only other car left there. I talked to the guys working and they said only the Maine Coast car has sold. It is about to be moved to Denison, Ohio. 1100 still has no takers. I have tried to convince my dad he needs this in his yard. Maybe if you guys all pressure him here........:D
  4. Went by yesterday. The Maine Coast car is gone now. The FRISCO car is the only thing left of what had been a rather makeshift collection. It now sits alone and not in a great area.
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  5. Been almost a year since I updated, here is how she is sitting now. Getting sadder by the day but at least there is plywood over the door now.
  6. Greetings,

    Can anyone help with the group/individual that converted this car from friction to roller. I can be reached at

  7. Good evening,

    Trying to get additional information on the conversion from friction to roller bearing on the car. Can you reach out to me on what was done and by whom?
  8. The roller bearings are in there. the work was done several years ago. Silcott did the work I believe. She is pretty rough these days and needs a good home badly. Here is what they look like installed. (plus kids) ha

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    I'm surprised it still has its windows intact.

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  10. So far only the glass in the observation deck is damaged. The dirt is higher than the rails at this point too.
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  11. Good evening,

    I didn’t want to impose, but I wanted to know if there are any builder floor plans. Looks like there were references that expired but anything help would really great.

    Hoping I can find someone that knows the car for mechanical information.

    Thanks in advance!
  12. Silcott Railway Equipment in Columbus, Ohio would probably be a good starting point. The car was theirs for a while, the did the service on the other cars and locomotives in this collection before it was sold off.
  13. Hey Paul,

    My company recently acquired the ARKANSAS and we are building a database with anything we can get our hands on. Would it be possible to get anything you have sent to me? We are struggling to find as much as we can, but your photos would be fantastic! Here’s my email

    Thank you in advance!!
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    I THINK I posted all my pictures of the car to

  15. Andrew, hopefully this will help save this car. I know you guys broker equipment. Will you let us know when it is headed to auction or sale?

    If you need current pictures I can help it is only a few miles from me.

    thanks, Steve
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    The 1100 business car has been sold to the Allied Rail Corporation of Kentucky. I saw a notice dated October 15 on a site called "Akron Railroads ".

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  17. Correct, that is the AER GROUP above. They are near Cincinnati on Ky side of the river I believe.
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  18. 024CD283-AB13-4AFD-9354-8C8B81B99DDB.jpeg Another year another picture. Took this tonight. I thought the sunset was fitting since 1100 is in the sunset of her life. Looking really rough. The vandals are taking a toll along with Mother Nature.
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    The sunset is a nice touch, great job Steve!!!

    I noticed you have snow, it has been raining all day. Was out in it most of the afternoon. In about a week we might have a chance of snow.
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