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    Hello, Naples here! Man, is it a beautiful day today - mid-80's, blue sky, gentle breeze, sunny with a few puffy clouds. We just finished a nice lunch with friends out on our lanai. Spectacular view! Lots of boats.

    Any way, enough. I sound like the local chamber of commerce!

    I have some things that might be of interest to those of you who like to modify freight car kits, or scratchbuild freight cars. I picked these items out as I continue to thin out my stock of detail part items.
    Here they are:
    - Tichy #3031, 1/5/5/5 boxcar ends (2), Youngstown with rib on top peak end, cost was $2.50
    - Tichy #3032, 0/5/5/5 boxcar ends (2), Youngstown with plain top peak end, cost was$2.50
    - Tichy #3058, Youngstown boxcar 7/8 end (only 1) for single sheathed cars, cost was $1.25
    - Tichy #3029, 40ft wood roof walk with end roof platforms, cost was $2.00 each (two available)
    - Grant Line #5027, wooden boxcar doors with Camel hardware, circa 1930's, cost was $1.50
    - Details West #181, three panel ribbed boxcar doors with guides, tack boards, cost was $1.75
    (all the above items are plastic)
    - Details Associates #6203, 40ft metal roof walk, photo etched rectangular pattern, with supports, cost was
    - Overland #2127, 40ft metal roofwalk, rectangular pattern, with end hand grabs, cost was $3.50
    - Plano #190, 40ft boxcar metal roofwalk, round Morton pattern, with details, brake platform, cost was
    - Plano $196, metal roofwalk, round Morton pattern, for R-40-23 PFE reefer or similar. No end platforms.
    Cost was $2.25.

    That's it. Total cost for all of these items "way back when" was $28.25, likely much more now.

    I'd want to move them off to somebody in who will put most or all of them to good use. For $17.00 (60% of cost). I'll ship them to you via USPS first class package, and I'll pay the shipping.

    Let me know if interested via PM. Payment via PayPal "friends & family" to avoid fees. Thanks!

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