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    I just received a copy of a new release by White River Productions; Freight Car Handbook, by Stephen Priest.

    This is very nicely laid out, extremely well illustrated with lots of pictures and scale art work. It is not meant to be a full compendium of all freight cars ever built but a cross section of the various railcar types.
    If you like the type of paper used in publishing the new Railroad Model Craftsman, then you will appreciate the quality of paper and images rendered by quality paper.

    The book can be ordered from White River Publications for what I considered to be a reasonable price; $24.95, from their website through this link: FCPH_1024x1024.png
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    Keith -
    Thanks for the word on this. I'm going to order a copy. The Priest's (plural, both Stephen and Cinthia) have authored some very nice books on ATSF and UP - I have several (didn't let them get away in our 2016 estate sale!) .
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