Fort Worth & Rio Grande Frisco Line Brownwood - Brady

Discussion in 'Ft. Worth Subdivision' started by hbw32, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Jim James

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    Please post the picture.
  2. hbw32

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    Here are two pics I took. It's behind a fence which did not allow me to get too close. If you look close, you can still the terrible mustard yellow paint the AT&SF used on it after 1937. My neighbor said it was deep red during the Frisco years. I'll scan the old pic and try to clean it not a clear pic. Enjoy!

    FotoFlexer_Photo.jpg IMG_1130.JPG
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    I always wondered what engines the frisco used on the ft worth to Brownwood portion of the line
  4. Allen

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  5. Allen

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    Hello hbw32. I am also very interested in this abandoned line. I have traced most of the old road bed that can be seen from public roads and is still detectable. I would very much like to know where the Brookesmith depot is sitting. How in heck did you find that. I never dreamed it was still standing somewhere. I have a picture of a picture of the Mercury depot and the original Brady freight depot but not the Brady passenger depot. I live close to where the first train arrived in Brady and have a picture of a map of that area which shows a passenger depot but I am not sure if it was ever built there. I would very much like to know what additional information you have, hope to hear from you. I also have some pictures I have taken myself of the road bed. Some are from just south of Brady where the road (I assume) was projected to continue on to Mason, but I am not sure if any track was ever laid there. I also own an old building in Mason that was said to have been built, by a Mr. Cooper, as a warehouse for the railroad that was projected to extend to Mason.
  6. Allen

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    The cattle trail originally extended to Brady until the railroad extended to Menard
  7. hbw32

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    frisco depot brady.jpg
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    Allen - here is a postcard which shows the Frisco Depot in Brady. It was on East 6th Street on the East side of town. Built 1903 - not sure what happened to it. Santa Fe bought the line in 1937 - so opperations were moved to the brick depot that is still there just north of town today. The Brookesmith Depot is on CR 500 in San Saba county. I asked and recorded a ton of info from older folks in the community before they passed on. Tracks were never laid to Mason....but they were laid to Menard. Frisco wanted to build to San Antonio, but funds were not there. I have a lot of info, so just ask.

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