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Discussion in 'Flatcars' started by Iantha_Branch, Jul 17, 2011.

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    After getting my wreck crane I figured I needed a flat car to run with it. It so happens I have a 50's flatcar that would fit the bill with some work. It's one of the tyco auto racks in "frisco paint". But the top of it is missing. So what I figured is I could take off the little notches on the top and put something on top that would represent a wood deck. How could I build or were could I find something like this?

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    I'll echo that. My one flatcar currently on our roster has a laser-cut wood deck. It makes even an old Athearn car look much, much better.

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    Ethan, personally I would build it board by board with varying stain effects and a few rough ends here and there. If your first attempt doesn't suit you try it again. It would be a fun, cheap scratchbuilding project. Just my opinion of course. Throw a few nut and bolt castings in the mix. Heck, just talking about it makes me want to do one!

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