F3A SLSF 5014

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    F3A SLSF 5014

    Location unknown.

    Company photograph.

    Note the white flags on the cab roof corners and the white class lights above the number boards.

    The white flags and class lights note the train is running as an extra.

    In this case the train is designated as Extra 5014 West.

    The photograph post dates the locomotive's delivery to the railroad in June 1948.

    Body, roof & skirts - DuPont Black - 254-2234
    Body Stripes - DuPont Imitation Gold - 254-54292
    Pilot - DuPont Black - 254-2234
    Roof of nose - Sherwin-Williams Flat Green
    Trucks - DuPont Black - 88-005
    Lettering "FRISCO" - DuPont Imitation Gold - 254-54292

    F3 5014 circa mid-1940's Frisco photo.jpg
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    I like that shot, really neat.

    I saw lots of those units in the shop and in Mandarin orange and white.
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