F3 arrangements during transition era

Discussion in 'F3' started by mjorstad, Apr 3, 2021.

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    The F3s were ordered and initially run as A-B-B-A quadruplets, I know that much. But when did the Frisco start breaking them up and mixing and matching them with other F Units, and subsequently other diesels? Also, were the A and B units ever permanently coupled? Curious to know, thanks for any info!
  2. meteor910

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    F3A's and F3B's were never permanently coupled. That pretty much ended in the industry with the FT's.

    Mixing and matching likely began pretty quickly after the units were in service.

  3. Karl

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    83A72B33-D659-4975-8056-8A937CFAE31C.jpeg Mixing the covered wagons with the geeps occurred during 1954. Rosedale with a geep, F’s, and an Alco
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    Gotcha. Part of the reason I ask is because I have an opportunity to buy what are labeled as Athearn Genesis F3s, but there’s a semi-permanent coupling between the A and B unit. Figured F3s didn’t have that, so wasn’t sure why those had them. What’s the reason for the models having a semi-permanent coupling if the prototype did not?
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  5. Iantha_Branch

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    What do you mean by semi-permanent? Could you post a picture?

    I would think that what ever it is you're describing is something that was changed by the previous owner. Athearn ships all of their diesels with knuckle couplers front and back. Unless they did something to modify the coupler boxes, you should be able to replace whatever was changed with knuckle couplers.
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    I recently had a coupler box cover on an Athearn F3 B cracked in half at the screw hole. A Kadee #5 would not work . End up using a#252 with #148 whisker coupler without the cover plate because the design of the power truck when it swings on a curve will hit the the #252. So by eliminating the cover plate was enough clearance for the swinging truck.
    More than likely the previous owner experienced a broken coupler box and the quick fix was what he used.
    I tried to contact Athearn about a replacement part and was not successful. The design of their coupler box was intended to clear the swinging truck.
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    EC6FB0E8-8AD6-453B-9586-2A46022C2D06.jpeg Here’s the photo, for reference. Everything else about the loco looks great, but I’m unclear why it has a drawbar instead of a coupler. It looks too clean to just be a makeshift fix. I reached out to the seller to ask about it-waiting to hear back.
  8. meteor910

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    I don't think that drawbar came with the Genesis model. I have the ABBA F3 Genesis set and each unit has couplers on each end. Besides, that drawbar is way too long - makes a big gap between the F3A and the F3B.
  9. klrwhizkid

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    The Genesis F3s did not have drawbar connections. They had couplers at both ends. Ken is right about the length of that drawbar as well.

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