Ex-NEO Caboose 1164 at Viburnum on the Lead-line Cuba to Buick, MO

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  1. Caboose 1164 at Viburnum on the Lead-line Cuba to Buick

    #1164 is a non-extended-vision center cupola caboose

    Here are some pictures of the real x-atsf Frisco 1164
    WRONG; this is ex-NEO #164, renumbered to #1164, not an ex-ATSF caboose. The ex-ATSF cabooses were rear cupola cabooses.

    On the Cuba to Buick Leadline #1164

    https://condrenrails.com/Frisco Catalog/Caboose.htm

    http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/rslist.aspx?id=SLSF&cid=1 #1164

    There were two Frisco #1164. The other one had a side door (dover like), was longer, had outside braces and the center cupola was different.
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  2. Karl

    Karl 2008 Engineer of the Year Frisco.org Supporter

    Search this site with the string, NEO Caboose

  3. Thank you Karl for sending me the kindly tip to search.
    I appreciate it.

    Hey Karl.
    I thought Mike Condren was the best with his 1164.
    https://condrenrails.com/Frisco Catalog/Caboose.htm caboose 1164

    Now I know Karl is best and Mike is second place. And you are # 1 !

    Every where " I found" on frisco.org it said 1000s, including 1164, were ex Santa Fe.
    Now I know that Frisco had more than one 1164.
    And there others around with same twin numbers also.

    ( I would think that is not a good practice by a railroad.
    We would never do that where I worked for 36 years).

    So #1164 is also a paint and another interesting locomotive also.
    Maybe there are other types of # 1164 s running around the midwest also ?

    Thanks for you kindly help as always. I appreciate it.

    Hope your new assignment is as interesting as your past adventures.
    We love those stories.

    Do you have to do core drillings from a little shaky boat any more ?

    Thanks for sharing.

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