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  1. Frisco2008

    Frisco2008 Member Frisco.org Supporter

    Bought this at the Plano show.

    Ed Stoll Pix.jpg

    Some pretty interesting stuff.

    Dates run from late 60's to about "The End of Time as We Know It."

    Glenn in Tulsa
  2. Karl

    Karl 2008 Engineer of the Year Frisco.org Supporter

    Jeff and I bought copies too. He had 4 different CD"s for sale. Jeff and I noticed two caption errors in the "structures" CD. The Mop FT Scott Frt House is called the Frisco Freight House. The "Olathe" freight House is really the Paola Freight House. None the less, at $15 per CD, some nice stuff.
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  3. mark

    mark Member

    Glenn or Karl,

    Thank you for posting the business card with Ed's contact phone and mailing address.

    Please list the titles of the 4 different photo CDs that are available.

    Has anyone discussed with him the photo caption issues so they can be amended? Is there an index of the photos on each CD that could be posted? Do you know if he has a web site or e-mail address?


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  4. Karl

    Karl 2008 Engineer of the Year Frisco.org Supporter

    The Four "Titles" are:

    Freight Cars; 83 images
    Stations-Structures; 187 images
    Motive Power; 132 images, B&Y/O&W
    Auxiliary Equipment; 93 images (MOW, FTC, , etc)

    There was no index, and I am unaware of an email address. I haven't relayed back to him the errors that Jeff and I saw.

    In my opinion the CD's have images that are fairly representative of the Frisco, mid 60's through the 70's. There are also a few rare images. At $15 each they are a good buy.
  5. Soo2408

    Soo2408 Member

    Thanks for the heads-up on these CD's.

    Is there anything Enid-Hobart Subdivision or QA&P?

    Thanks again.

    WF TX
  6. FriscoCharlie

    FriscoCharlie Administrator Staff Member Administrator Frisco.org Supporter

    Did this guy take the pictures?

  7. Karl

    Karl 2008 Engineer of the Year Frisco.org Supporter

    Yes, they are his own pics,

    Here's an index of the "structure" CD

    Aberdeen, MS, 1979, brick depot
    Ada, OK, 1981, steel depot
    Ada, OK, 1981, brick frt hse
    Afton, OK, 1981, brick depot
    Altus, OK, 1980 frame depot
    Amory, MS, 1976, rd hse
    Amory, MS, 1976, tt
    Antler, OK, 1971, brick depot
    Ardore, OK, 1983, brick, depot
    Arthur City, TX, 1982, Red River, steel truss
    Ashdown, AR, 1980, steel depot
    Ashdown, AR, 1981, frame depot, original under private ownership
    Ash Grove, MO, 1990, general view, station sign, tool hse, etc
    Baxter Springs, KS, 1979, frame depot
    Baxter Springs, KS, 1991, wood phone booth
    Beaumont, KS, 1988, water tank, station sign
    Beaumont, KS, 1988, thru-girder bridge, “art-deco” concrete abutments, hwy 96
    Beggs, OK, 2007, deck girder bridge, hwy 16
    Bentonville, AR, 1982, stucco depot
    Birmingham, AL, 1979 bridge abutment cast Frisco Lines Coonskin
    Balckwell, OK, 1973 depot
    Blytheville, AR, 1980, steel depot
    Cabool, MO, 1979, frame depot under “city” ownership
    Cape Gireardeau, MO, 1979, steel depot
    Carbon Hill, AL, 1976, steel depot
    Carbon Hill, AL, 1976, concrete coal tower
    Carrier, OK, 1984, general view grain elevators, station sign
    Carthage, MO, 1979, stone depot
    Cherokee, KS, 1983, steel depot
    Chelsea, OK, 1974, frame depot
    Cheltenham, MO, 1976, stone structure
    Cherryvale, KS, 1973, brick depot
    Chickasha, OK, 1982, steel depot
    Claremore, OK, 1974, stucco depot
    Clayton, OK, 1986, frame depot, track gone
    Clinton, MO, 1981, frame depot
    Columbus, KS, 1981, frame depot
    Columbus, MS, 1972, stucco/brick depot
    Cyril, OK, 1996, cinder blk depot
    Dunbar, OK, 1975, station sign
    Durant, OK, 1980, steel depot
    Enid, OK, 1982, sand facilities
    Floydada, TX, 1971, brick depot
    Foreman, AR, 1981, cinder blk depot
    Ft Scott, KS, 1959, MOP Frt Hse
    Ft Smith, AR, 1982, psgr station
    Ft Smith, AR, 1973, frt hse
    Ft Smith, AR, 1982, rd hse
    Ft Worth, TX, 1979, rd hse, remants
    Frederick, OK, 1980, frame depot
    Frisco, TX, 1973, steel depot
    Grandview, MO, 1979, wood replacement depot
    Harvard, AR, 1980, wood replacement depot, concrete phone booth, relay box
    Henryetta, OK 1980 depot
    Hillsdale, KS, 1976, grain elevator, station sign
    Hobart, OK, 1995, general view, station sign
    Holdenville, OK, 1980, steel depot
    Holland, MO, 1980 frame depot, derelict
    Holly Springs, MS, 1979 steel depot, tool house
    Hoxie, AR, 1981, steel depot
    Hugo, OK, 1993, brick depot
    Hugo, OK, 1982, fuel tank
    Idabel, OK, 1972, brick depot
    Irving, TX, 1980, steel depot, gp-38(476)
    Jasper, AL, 1982, brick depot/frt hse
    Joplin, MO, 1981, frt hse
    Rosedale Yard Office, 1981
    KCMO, 1979, Frt House, 12th St
    Lamont, OK, 1976, frame depot
    Madill, OK, 1972, steel depot/crew
    Mammoth Springs, MO, 1979, brick depot, private ownership
    Mammoth Springs, MO, 1979, train board on depot
    Mammoth Springs, MO, 1979, track view
    Marked Tree, AR, 1979, frame depot
    Menardville, TX, 1980, ATSF depot, former Frisco, brick & stucco, museum
    Menardville, TX, 1980, historical marker
    Miami, OK, 1981, frame depot
    Miami, OK, 1979, ex NEO depot
    Miami, OK, 1983, NEO car shops, corrugated steel
    Mill Creek, OK, 1981, steel depot
    Monett, MO, 1971, stucco art deco depot
    Monett, MO 1987, steel depot
    Monett, MO, 1987, FTC frt house
    Blackwell, OK, 1976, frame depot
    Mountain Grove, MO, 1979, frame depot
    Muskogee, OK, 1971, frt hse
    Neodesha, KS, 1973, brick depot
    Neosho, MO, 1982, stucco/brick depot
    New Albany, MS, 1979, steel depot
    New Albany, MS, 1979 GM&O depot at xing
    Okeene, OK, 1984, steel depot
    Okmulgee, OK, 1972, brick depot
    Olathe, KS, 1976, frame depot
    Osceola, AR, 1980, steel depot
    Paducah, TX. 1971, brick depot
    Paris, TX, 1971, brick depot, atsf geep, slsf602
    Paris, TX, 1980, brick depot
    Paris, TX, 1982, brick depot
    Paola, KS, 1976, brick depot
    Paola, KS, 1976, frame frt hse(mislabeled as Olathe frt hse)
    Pittsburg, KS, 1983, brick frt hse
    Pocahontas, AR, 2004, frame depot, private ownership
    Polar Bluff, AR, 1979, stucco brick depot, city ownership
    Poteau, OK, 1973, stucco depot
    Quanah, TX, 1978, stucco depot
    Perry, OK, 1973, brick depot
    Quanah, TX, 1986, QAP express office
    Ravia, OK, 1981, wood replacement depot
    Roff, OK, 1981, frame depot
    Osceola, MO, 1971, stone depot, a real gem
    Rogers, AR, 1982, steel depot
    Rogers, AR, 1987 concrete tofc ramp
    Rolla, MO, 1977, stucco brick depot
    St James, MO, 1980, frame depot, private ownership
    Sapulpa, OK, 1980, steel depot
    Sawyer, OK, 1969, Kiamichi River bridge
    Sikeston, MO, 1985, steel depot
    Lindenwood, MO, 1981, shops
    Lindenwood, MO, 1981, diesel shops
    Lindenwood, MO, 1976, rd hse, tt
    Lindenwood, MO, 1976, sand facilities, wtr tank
    St Louis, MO, 1983, Watson Rd Overpass
    Seymour, TX, 1995, frame depot museum
    Sherman, TX, 1981, brick depot (SP?)
    Sherman, TX, 1984, yard office
    Sherman, TX, 1994, concrete tofc ramp
    Synder, OK, 1983, brick depot
    Springdale, AR, 1982, brick depot
    Springfield, MO, 1974 stucco depot, color issues
    Springfield, MO, 1979, diesel shops, 561, 351
    Springfield, MO, 1987, west yards, power plant
    Springfield, MO, 1979, west yards car shops
    Springfield, MO, 1987, west yards rip shed
    Sulligent, AL, 1976, brick concrete depot
    Talihina, OK, 1973, frame depot
    Thayer, MO, 1979, cinder blk depot office
    Trumann, AR, 1979, frame depot
    Tupelo, MS, 1972 jt slsf-gm&o brick depot
    Tupelo, MS 1979, yd office
    Valliant, OK, 1982, frame depot
    Van Buren, AR, 1980, brick depot
    Van Buren, AR, 1987 Arkansas River bridge
    Vinita, OK, 1976, steel depot
    Webster Groves, MO, 1981, brick depot, private ownership
    West Memphis, AR, 1980, jt slsf-mp frt office
    West plains, MO, 1979, brick depot
    Wetumka, OK, 1973, frame depot
    Wetumka, OK, 1980, frame replacement depot
    Willow Springs, 1979, office-tool hse
    Winfield, AL, 1976, tool hse, steel depot
  8. Karl

    Karl 2008 Engineer of the Year Frisco.org Supporter

    Jeff offers a couple of corrections.

    The brick depot in Sherman, TX is a SSW depot.

    The depot at Ft Scott is the MP psgr depot
  9. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Frisco.org Supporter

    Karl -

    I'd be interested most in Ed's Frisco freight car disk. Do you have any idea what he has on that one?

  10. Karl

    Karl 2008 Engineer of the Year Frisco.org Supporter

    I'll type it up. He has one old hopper car pic that is very nice, but the rest is just typical 60-70's rolling stock.

    I hope that Ed sends me some commission money.
  11. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Frisco.org Supporter

    You deserve it!

  12. Karl

    Karl 2008 Engineer of the Year Frisco.org Supporter

    The freight car index

    Silver FTC trailer, FTC on end only
    Yellow FTC trailer, lettering badly faded
    Tan box, 700117, 1982
    Ylw, bulkhead flat, 555756, 1982
    Ylw, bulkhead flat, loaded with pulpwood, 555637, 1982
    Red, box, 444084, 1981
    Ylw, mech reefer, 333030, 1976
    Tank, 191113, company fuel
    Tank, 191065, company fuel, blk dome, 1987
    Tank, 191032, company fuel, 1983
    Tank, 191014, company fuel, blk dome, 1987
    Tank, 191000, company fuel, 1984
    Red, OB box, 161641, 1970
    Red, dbl door, box, 155013, 1986
    Red, ballast hopper, 97124, 1989
    Red, ballast hopper, 97082, 1986
    Red, hopper, 91794, 1982
    Black, hopper, 88108, 1988
    Red, hopper, 87633, 1988
    Black, USRA hopper, no number visible, faded FRISCO LINES coonskin, 1979
    Green, covered hopper, 86646, 1989
    Green , covered hopper, 86027, 1988
    Grey, covered hopper, 85340, 1976
    Grey, covered hopper, 85100, 1984
    Grey, covered hopper, 84143, 1990
    Grey, airslide, covered hopper, 81935, 1982
    Grey, covered hopper, 81581,
    Grey, covered hopper, 91165, 1987
    Grey, cyl hopper, 81001, 1980
    Grey, covered hopper, 79800, 1989
    Grey, covered hopper, 79200, 1989
    Grey, cover hopper, 71922, 1996
    Grey, covered hopper, 788?2, 1997
    Grey, cover hopper, 78839, 1996
    Grey, covered hopper, 78704, 1981
    Grey, covered hopper, 78220, 1981
    Grey, covered hopper, 78000, 1986
    Green, gon, 70066, 1989
    Red, coil, 69073, 1979
    Red, coil, 69057, DTI and Chessie covers, 1991
    Red, gon, 69031, cover, 1987
    Red, auto scrap gon, 63007, 1983
    Red, auto scrap gon, 63004, 1983
    Yellow/red ends, plug door box, 52001, 1971
    Blk, gon, 51522, 1981
    Red, box, 47084, 1988
    Red, plug door box, 46027, 1988
    Red, OB box, 44299, 1982
    Red, OB box, 42443, 1982
    Red, OB box, 42316, 1982
    Red, PS-1 box, 27277, 1980
    Red, box, 26169, 1981
    Red, box, 22016, 1989
    Red, box, 21616, 1984
    Red, box, 21555, 1984
    Red, box, 21019, 1982
    Red, box, 21000, 1979
    Red, box, 20010, 1976
    Red, box, 19212, 1983
    Red, waffle box, 13530, 1981
    Ylw, waffle box, 11313, 1981
    Ylw, plug door, box, 10085, 1986
    Ylw, plug door box, 10055, 1996, display Frisco museum, SGF
    Ylw, plug door box, 10000, 1979
    Ylw, OB Box, 9500, 1973
    Ylw, hi cube box, 91??, 1974
    Ylw, hi cube, box, 9106,
    Ylw, waffle box, 9313, 1982
    Ylw, OB box, 9017, 1981
    Ylw, plug door box, 8888, 1982
    Ylw, plug door box, 8778, 1982
    Ylw, plug door box, 8894, 1991
    Ylw, plug door box, 6435, 1981
    Ylw, plug door box, 6488, 1986
    Red, plug door box, 6070, 1980
    Ylw, bulk head flat, 5?11, 1991
    Ylw, bulk head flat, 5276, 1982, loaded
    Ylw, bulk head flat, 4951, 1981
    Ylw, hvy flat, 3901, 1972, 4 trucks
    Ylw, tri-level, ????, 1976
    Red, hopper, 90223, 1972
    Frisco Pigs are Beautiful trailer on TTX flat, 1983
  13. FriscoCharlie

    FriscoCharlie Administrator Staff Member Administrator Frisco.org Supporter

    No QA&P boxcars then?

  14. trainchaser007 (Brandon Adams RIP 9/22/2017)

    trainchaser007 (Brandon Adams RIP 9/22/2017) Passed away September 22, 2017

    Anyone know if that particular pic is in color?

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