Eastern Division ETT 34, February 4, 1945

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    Here is a wartime SLSF Eastern Division ETT that I don't think we have in our files yet.

    Interesting to see that during wartime, the ETT's were apparently much more concise, without a lot of the notes and details that were normally included, that the freights were time scheduled much tighter - much like the passenger trains were, and that the through freights were named. Also note that the new U. S. Army Fort Leonard Wood branch was included in the Eastern Division ETT.

    Caroline's parents actually vacationed at Alhambra Grotto (just west of Newburg) for several days during 1944 or 1945. Her dad said it was a nice place, very rustic, nice Ozark accommodations, except that it was terribly noisy as there always seemed to be a train either building up speed for Dixon Hill, or slowing down from coming down Dixon Hill, as everybody stopped at Newburg. The Grotto was located between Newburg and Bundy Junction. Some of the ruins are still there.


    FYI - I have a better 300 dpi scan of this ETT if anybody wants it. The system would not let me attach it as the file is too big I guess, so I attached a lower dpi scan.

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    Boy oh boy would I liked to have taken a sack lunch and found a nice comfortable spot beside the tracks (just about anywhere between St. Louis and Springfield) and just watched the parade!! Passenger AND freight!

    Tom G.
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    Tom -
    I'd go back to one of my favorite places while a student at MSM - up at the park/lake by 1501 with a couple of cold beers (although I guess 1501 wouldn't be there yet, but a water tank probably was!)

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