Derailment On QA&P At Roaring Springs, TX - Train QLA - Grade Crossing Accident - 3/8/1961

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    Lately I've done a bunch of research online and in Texas regarding the QA&P. As I've mentioned in other posts, my grandfather was a lineman for the QA&P for nearly 20 years

    Tom's mention of the Pease River Hill got me curious. Tom and I messaged each other regarding this hill and his post that I quoted here, and I created a photo mosaic from Google Earth of the area and the QA&P line's climb out of the Pease River valley.

    The hill is just shy of 3 miles long northeast bound and gains 174' in elevation. Inserted in the photo are my calculations regarding the grade length, % grade, etc. Here's the photo mosaic.

    My brother retired and he and his wife now live in Knox City, TX, and I go visit occasionally. Next trip I'll try to get some photos of the area, including the existing bridge piers.

    Between railroad and ranching, this area is filled with some amazing history. Some of Texas' largest and best known ranches are in the area; Tongue River Ranch on the South Pease River; Pitchfork Ranch; 6666 Ranch (called 4 sixes); etc.

    Also, the old Kansas City, Mexico and Orient (KCM&O) Railroad, The Orient, ran Northeast to Southwest from Chillicothe down through Benjamin, Knox City, Rule and Sweetwater, on its way to Mexico. It became part of the AT&SF in 1928, and was abandoned during the 1990's.

    Anyway, I have digressed. Hope you enjoy,

    Paul Moore

    Pease River Hill.jpg
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