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Discussion in 'NCE DCC' started by RogerRT, May 13, 2019.

  1. RogerRT

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    I'm having problems getting the rotary beacon & gyralite working in a new Genesis GP38-2...I use a NCE DDC ProCab system, I installed a NCE D13J & programmed CV 51 & CV#7 for the beacon then CV52 & CV#3 for the gyralite then pushed button #5 for the beacon & #6 for the gyralite but nothing happens...If I push button #1 the beacon lights up but dosen't flash...The headlight works and it runs fine, am I missing something??? Roger
  2. Hi Roger,

    I took a look at the manual for the D13J at the NCE website. Says CV3 is acceleration and CV7 is manufacturer version number like Digitrax and TCS, standard for most decoders regardless of brand, so that may be part of your issue. According to NCE literature CV numbers for lighting effects are CV120 - 123. I did not see any references to CV51 /CV52 in the NCE literature list of CVs. CV120/121 are for your FO headlight/reverse light effects and CV 122 and 123 are the ones associated for the F1 and F2 function buttons that should control the beacon and gyralight, unless you remapped them or have sound. Is a liitle different than TCS but is to be expected. So i believe you should use F1 and F2 if possible to control your gyralight and beacon and program CV122 and 123 for the effect to make them function as per the NCE literature and that should get you going hopefully. You can download manual if you need to reference and it has all the info you should need to resolve your issue. Hope this info is of some assistance to you.

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  3. RogerRT

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    Thanks Karl, I will try that...Roger
  4. klrwhizkid

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    Roger, regardless of what Karl says above, not answering your question,

    You want these CVs set as given:

    This will cause the Rotary Beacon to come on when headlights (F0 on) are on either direction, and the Gyralight to come on only in the forward direction when the headlights are on (F0 on).
    If you have further questions, I can answer them.
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  5. gjslsffan

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    Nice to hear from a guy that has actually dealt with the problem.
  6. RogerRT

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    Keith, I wrote down the wrong decoder #, it is a NCE D13SRJ...I entered the new CV's and the prime stratolite came on when the FWD headlight button was turned on but the gyralight didn't work...When I entered reverse the beacon stayed on but the rear headlight stayed off...Thanks for your help...Roger
  7. klrwhizkid

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    Roger, the NCE DS13 series are all programmed alike. Change CV34 to 6. If the rear headlight does not come on, then it is not because of a programming problem. Double check the wiring, test the bulbs with a 1.5v battery. If no issue is found, then the problem is in the decoder.
  8. Iantha_Branch

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    Might also try a factory reset then re enter the CVs that keith mentioned. Sometimes decoders will just get a bit more of a brain fart and just need a factory reset. Can't remember off the top of my head what the CV is, but it'll be in the manual somewhere.

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