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    For those of you in the Midwest, there is a magazine out there called Cowcatcher. I bring it up only because if you go to - this month and scroll down, it talks about the movement of a Frisco Decapod to the new Museum of American Railroad in Frisco TX. Scroll down even further and there is a small video if it being loaded onto a flat car. Next month the content may change it may be gone.
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    It looks like somewhere along the way that ugly second sand dome was removed. Good. Now let's get the headlight back down where it belongs.

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    I subscribe to Cowcatcher. It is a decent publication which focuses on railroads in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas. Lil' bit of Louisiana. It's a cross of railroads current, yesteryear, modeling, product news, but on a small basis. I like it. It's the miniature, regional version of Kalmbach's Trains.
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    Is there any appreciable passenger train (or passenger equipment) coverage in "Cowcatcher?"

    Thanks, Tom

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    From time to time, yes.
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    The two big steamers are awaiting their run- the 4501 and the UP Big Boy (number escapes me). The museum crews are busy oiling and lubricating the bearings in preparation for the move, and precautions are being taken to allow the 4-8-8-4's tender with its Centipede trucks to negotiate tight curves without totally derailing. The trip from Fair Park to the new site in Frisco is about 60 miles, and it'll be made no faster than 10 MPH, with stops along the way to check bearings.

    Should be a fun move.....hopefully also an accident-free one as well.

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    Read that yesterday. Interesting. Sad that 4501 and the BB can't go under their own steam. Interesting how they used old manuals to find out how to raise the BB's tender center wheels up so that the flanges are above the rail. This will allow them to negotiate curves that otherwise the empty tender could not do. I hope that the 4501 has a safe, happy, home.

    If anyone is interested in my old issues, let me know.
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    Just as a side note..
    I was sitting in a siding one time (Azure CO), saw a steam engine & tender on a flat car go by us on the main track. Was the middle of the night, when we gave them the "roll by" I just had to tell them that we noticed the mid-train helper, pretty sure they didn't know what was 3000' behind the power on a flat car at 03:00.
    Well that steam engine was within 60 miles of it's destination...... but it tripped a "high-Wide detector" on the approach to the Moffat Tunnel. Well it didn't take much more than 2 days to figure out, that it had to go all the way back to UT or CA and come around Continental the divide the long way, I wonder if it ever got to that Georgetown RR.
    Now thats getting "railroaded" {:>)

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    Tom ... That is a priceless story!
    Thanks for sharing it.
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    The Jan/Feb 2016 issue of Cowcatcher features a 3 page article on Frisco cabooses. Our website here is mentioned 2 times in the article. Mostly talks about the general history and different types of Frisco cabooses, has a few pics, and they interviewed me about the ones I am restoring. Nice magazine, talks about modeling, railfanning, and general train stuff.
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