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    Doug has been very busy of late posting the Mangus Opus that are the FMIG Newsletters. Among those postings is a brief treatise on the Bootheel Lines prepared by Martin Lofton. This excellent article contains, on page 10, a picture of Corse's Grocery Store
    See: ...Post number 43

    The caption states that it was located on the mainline, but after making several queries, I could not locate the store. It wasn't until recently that I was looking for information about my SEMO relatives that I came this in the Mizzou's digital collection.;sid=8904556fca2aa91b1383d770e3f07aa1;evl=full-image;quality=1;view=entry;subview=detail;lasttype=boolean;cc=platic;entryid=x-pla-capegirardeau-01;start=1;resnum=1;q1=cape%20girardeau;rgn1=platic_ti;corig=platic;c=platic;viewid=PLA-CAPEGIRARDEAU-05

    There in the S1/2 Sec 15, TWP 32N, RGE 14E and in the SW1/4 SE1/4 Sec 16, TWP 32N, RGE 14E are two properties owned by a Corse family. If the same family who owned the general store are these Corses, then perhaps the store sat in Moccasin Springs. This town site lies with in the Trail of Tears State Park.
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