Colluding with the Russians.

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    New to the line and somehow snuck down to Newburg. Needs a good washing and return to Springfield. PFM last run, can motor and Tsunami 2. Added detail. There is a grievous error that PFM committed on this model and I didn't catch it until it was painted, but I'm not telling what it is.
    CNN was spying on me as I worked on it.

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    Don, you have been busy again and what an amazing job once again!!! Would a scratch built tinder be fairly easy to assemble?

  3. Nice work Don.
  4. frisco1522

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    I only cut one of the PFM tender bunker sides down to match the Frisco's profile. More trouble than its worth. That's not the error I was talking about. I think there were several different tenders behind the Decs.
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    Your mistakes are better than my intentions. And I can't even figure out PFM's discrepancy in the first place.

    Woe is me. I remain clueless.
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