Clinton Subdivision - Abandonment Documents - 1978

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    I thought it was about time that I scanned some of these documents and posted them. This is not exactly a happy document but nonetheless an informative one.

    Attached are abandonment documents published in 1978? that I copied about 25 years ago from a spiral folder in the UMKC library. I believe these were prepared by Missouri Department Of Transportation (MoDot). They provide an interesting snapshot of the Clinton Sub in it's final years with a listing of traffic moved, brief description of operations, physical condition of the line and justification for shutdown of service.

    Dale Rush
    Carthage, MO

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    Thanks for shaing Dale!
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    Dale, the 1975-1976 traffic information is well worth the price of admission! A very nice find, and a bittersweet yet useful bit of information.

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    Excellent information, Dale. Thanks for putting forth the effort to scan and post this item here. Yes, it is unfortunate that this happened, but it is great to know the whys and where fors. Too bad that our country has had such an anti-rail transportation policy for so many years. :(
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    Something is not right here. It says the track from Clinton to Osceola was removed in Sept/Oct. 1978 but the last train departed Clinton on 10/14/78. Typo?

    Roger R. Taylor
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    Wow, wonderful information! Thank you for sharing, any idea if docs like these exist for the rest of the line?

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