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    The car does get around! The picture date is 6/8/2009, so that is Monday, two days ago. I saw it in St. Louis Sunday, May 31 under the 18th Street Viaduct while I was going south from Union Station. A quick check of assured me the sighting at that location was nothing special, so that kept me mum (and preserved bandwidth).

    I wonder if it was being set up to go on a trip east on May 31.
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  3. It's something to ride some day. Cool car
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    Cimmy went with us on several 1522 trips and was a Godsend. Tony was good to us.
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    I saw this car yesterday at Union Station with a brand new J relay valve. May be out on the road soon.

    Pat Moreland,
    Wesco, MO.
  6. Yes, .... the Cimarron River is being used for the two Golden Spike Excursions this May.

    Westbound Golden Spike: May 2-5 Chicago-Denver-Bay Area
    Eastbound Golden Spike: May 11-14 Bay Area-Denver-Chicago

    It will put on over 5,200 more miles.

    Cars being used:
    Pacific Union
    Super Dome
    Berlin (Sold out)
    Cimarron River

    Tony Marchiando,

    As a private car, Tony Marchiando has taken it on over 1/2 million miles.

    That is a real railfan In September it will be on the AAPRCO convention train .
    not sure if that train will be going through St. Louis with about 20
    private cars of all styles & colors. ; Tony is the 2019 President.

    It's smooth sides were put on when a Canadian railroad who somewhat
    rehabbed the car. I like those...smooth,
    not dented, easily cleaned,
    more modern to attract customers.
    Still the 2 Marchiando brothers had to do a lot more
    rehabbing to
    get it up to date with latest requirements for all high speed rails .
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    The smooth sides were not put on when, I believe it was the Canadian National, the car was rehabbed but rather the stainless corrugated side panels were removed and the steel side panels repaired.


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