Cary/Roundhouse 2-6-0: Frisco dead ringer

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    Hi Y'all,

    Here's a goody for you steam nuts of the Frisco. I am presently gathering the parts to build a 2-6-6-0 and I stumbled across this article that was in Railroad Model Craftsman June 1982. It explains how to put a Cary 4-4-0 Pittsburgh Boiler onto a MDC Roundhouse Old Time 2-6-0. It's a dead ringer for Frisco 2-6-0 Moguls.

    This article, written by William Hime, is an absolute gem! Enjoy as this is now on my list of locomotives "to do". Train61 should be very happy with this!



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    I'm only happy with 0-6-0's and 2-8-0's right now. Just as long as I can get my share of 4-4-0 Cary's to do 3500's, then I'll be very Happy :). I'm working on that now :cool:.
    Go Manny Go.
    Jason Ross
    Bham AL

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