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    Please see the following links for views of Frisco caboose SLSF 1437. (left side, B end, 8/8/2010) (right side, B end, 8/8/2010) (right side, A end, 8/8/2010) (left side, B end, 9/27/2008) (left side, B end)

    This is one of the Frisco built extended or wide vision cabooses intended for local service. This car was constructed during 4/1976 in the railroad's West Shops in Springfield, MO. The basic car body came from a Pullman Standard PS-1 boxcar, SLSF 18125.

    The car's side sills hint at its former revenue car origins. The car body side windows have been plated over. The cupola, end and door windows remain as originally constructed. The car stove smoke stack has also retained its angle iron reinforcement to the cupola roof. The car sits on the original leaf spring trucks on a short piece of ballasted display track.

    The entire car is painted a bright caboose red. All of the handrails, grab irons, break wheels and step side guards should be painted signal yellow. Unfortunately, it is also sans all lettering including reporting marks, car number, slogan and company coonskin heralds. Hopefully, the museum will see the light and be able to find the finances to restore the caboose to full Frisco paint, lettering and identity.

    The caboose formerly sat in the local Kiwanis Park. It was relocated to the city's museum around 1/2007. It is currently located in the northeastern area of the town, 2 blocks north of Main Street. At the museum, the caboose sits adjacent to the preserved and relocated Frisco depot, on its south side. The museum is 3 blocks north of the Frisco's main line tracks of the Oklahoma Subdivision. The caboose is owned by the Jones Historical Society Museum. I was unable to find a website for the historical society or museum.

    The location address is 245 NW 1st St., Jones, OK.

    Please see,319.89,,0,7.

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    I went through Jones OK today on my way back from Edmond. Stopped by to check out the caboose. Caboose has been painted in the Frisco orange and white colors and is lettered with the coonskin logo and is numbered as 1260. Don't know why they would number it that way, unless they used a pic of Frisco caboose 1260 for a paint guide. Caboose is still in pretty good shape, door was unlocked so I went inside and the interior is still complete and is fairly clean. This is the first time I have seen in person a 1400 class local caboose and they are fairly crudely constructed and lack insulation of any kind, and they are noticeably longer than their 1200 class counterparts. I bet they rode rough with those boxcar trucks too ! Glad to see surviving equipment that is being maintained properly and not just rotting away. I snapped a couple pics with my phone and will try to get them posted fairly soon. The paint looks good but the white stripe is not quite in proportion with the original.
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