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    Congratulations and many thanks for a job well done.

    Looking forward to cooler temperatures and the opportunity to enjoy a ride on this remarkable accomplishment.

    Again thank you very much!

    Hope this helps.


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    The Arkansas and Missouri (A&M) Christmas train made 4 runs on 12/17/23 from Monett, MO down to almost Exeter, MO, with a combined total of almost 600 riders.

    The train left Springdale, AR at 0700 and arrived at Monet just before 1000. The last run ended at 1700, and after that the train returned to Springdale and most of the return trip was at night. It was a very long but awesome day.

    I was so happy to get to take caboose SLSF 1291 on a long run with speeds sometimes just above 40 mph.
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  5. paul slavens

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    Caboose SLSF 1291 will be running May 11 from Springdale, AR to Van Buren, AR and back with a three hour layover.

    If anybody wants to ride call Brenda at the Arkansas And Missouri (A&M) Railroad at (479) 871-5815.
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    Booked, with my wife and my parents. Looking forward to it.

    Incidentally Paul, I noticed on Facebook that you are friends with a cousin in-law of mine. Irene (Hoos) Fletcher.

    Small world.

    Craig Fletcher
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    Ozarktraveler, needs a photograph essay about your caboose SLSF 1291 ride!
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    I will try.

    That day is my parents 63rd anniversary and Wednesday is our 42nd anniversary.

    The ride is our gift to them.
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    Congratulations on those anniversaries!

    I am excited that you booked the trip. Hopefully I will see you and can say hello.

    Mrs. Fletcher is coach and teacher to my 6th grade daughter Sayla and all the students like her a lot.
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    That is exciting, I am glad to see people support the caboose and be able to enjoy it.

    Mrs. Fletcher is coach and teacher to my 6th grade daughter Sayla.

    I know her husband and all his brothers, we grew up not far away.

    Small world for sure!
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    Paul Slavens humbly reveling in the joys of a job well done.

    Paul's dream of restoring a Frisco caboose to roadworthiness, and fulfilling it over the course of 9 years, with a 2 year break, made this particular anniversary gift fulfillment possible. That is grit, creative problem solving, and determination.

    My father, Jerry, is 80 and my mother, Ramona, is 79. She has been a lover of trains since she could walk. Walking is a challenge these days, but she made it today with a smile on her face.

    My wife of 42 years, Carla, has not only put up with, but encouraged, my train hobbies from the start.

    I am no expert, but the caboose performed very well in my opinion, and the view from the cupola is exceptional. I preferred it to a Vista dome, nice enough, but I think the Extended View is even better.

    Beautiful, spring in the Ozarks weather, windows open, verdant hills and meadows, creeks running with spring runoff, canoers, fisherman, and frolicking horses, trackside, insightful history lessons regarding the settling of the nation, from "Slim" Jim our conductor, and technical information from Paul himself made for a wonderful experience.

    Thank you for sharing your passion with railfans Paul.

    20240511_084325.jpg 20240511_084712.jpg
    20240511_090041.jpg 20240511_103301.jpg
    20240511_153234_001.jpg 20240511_085037.jpg

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    Very exceptional job and so glad your folks could enjoy it with you.

    Tony LaLumia
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    Thanks for the kind words, it was a really nice day.

    I had a lot of fun and enjoyed meeting you and your family.
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