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    Please see the following link for a photograph of Frisco caboose SLSF 1261. (9/17/1998)

    This caboose was constructed by the International car Company during 7/1957. It originally was numbered SLSF 261. In April 1968 the car was renumbered by adding 1000 to the original number to prevent conflict with locomotive numbers when the railroad added a new computer tracking system.

    This car was part of the original order (SLSF 200-274) of all steel extended or wide vision cabooses for road service. These cabooses road on distinctive General Steel Castings (GSC) swinghanger-equalized truck.

    This caboose has been painted in a faux paint scheme to honor the regions fallen flag railroads. The basic body and cupola color is freight car brown. The carbody and roof eve ends are signal yellow.

    The car body sides are decorated with multiple railroad heralds. These heralds include a Great Northern (GN) Railway circle with "Rocky" in profile (A end), the Soo Line (SOO) Railroad parallelogram (under the cupola) and a Northern Pacific (NP) Railroad monad or Ying Yang monogram dating from 1893 (B end).

    The car is located in northeast North Dakota. This is 123.2 miles north of Fargo, ND at the junction of I-29, Exit 64 and I-94, Exit 349. This is 52.5 miles south of the Canadian border on I-29 at Pembina, ND or Provincial Route 29 (a/k/a Lord Selkirk Highway) at Emerson, Manitoba, Canada.

    From I-29, Exit 176, North Dakota Highway 17, go west 10.6 miles to the museum. In Grafton the museum is .62 miles (9 blocks) west of the east highway junction with U.S. Highway 81 (just west of the northwest to southeast railroad track grade crossing).

    The caboose in the Walsh County Heritage Village Park. The museum is in the west central part of town. The caboose is on display in the park, adjacent to the former Northern Pacific (NP) Railroad wood frame depot. Both are located on the north side of the street.

    The location address is 695 W. 12th St. (a/k/a North Dakota State Highway 17), Grafton, ND.

    Please see,1.03,,0,8.69.

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    I'm glad this caboose escaped the cutter's torch but it is depressing to see this mess of a paint scheme. Seems to me it would have been better to leave it in it's final in-service paint scheme.
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    It actually looks better than the one at Leon, KS which is painted their school colors, light sky blue and yellow with no lettering whatsoever.
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    Very informative report. The NP monad is actually composed of the yin (female ) and yang (male) elements.

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