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    I have only lived in this area since March but have been researching Central TX rail lines for the better part of a decade. I have traced the San Saba District from Lometa, TX to Brady and then followed the old bed to Eden but for the life of me I cannot find the trackage outside of Brady that Frisco would have taken to Brownwood nor where it would have started out. I have a AT&SF Clic manual of Brownwood from 1983 that shows some of the short lived North South Railroad in Brownwood with a of a Frisco Depot over at the intersection of US 377 and Coleman Ave on the old Dublin District Main (also short lived). The wye is still in place there but BNSF severed the east leg and took out the switch so it can't be used to turn engines anymore. Very little of the tracks in that spot is left, basically the wye is all that's left. Texas Rockcrusher Railway serves the Camp Bowie area now an industrial park as well as the Vulcan Minerals pit. From what is left of the track the only thing I can figure is that there was a diamond there and Frisco crossed onto what is now TXR into Camp Bowie and the track continued past Bowie lumber and went to Brady there is no other railbed that I have been able to locate in the area that went past what TXR is currently using.

    Does anyone have a track diagram that shows the track before it was taken out?

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    Going east out of Brady from the wye Frisco more or less followed ATSF to the south about 3-miles, it then crossed ATSF at Paul Jct. & headed NE towards Rochelle...Going west Frisco ran on ATSF just east of the HWY 87 xing to Homer Jct., about 5-miles SE of Melvin, where Frisco headed south to Menard...Much of the Brady-Homer Jct. line was relocated to the north in 1962 when the Brady Reservoir was built...The University of Texas has an excellent collection of online topo maps covering all of Texas...Interesting fact, the south end of the Brady wye was part of a proposed branch to Fredericksburg, only a couple of miles were completed but the ROW was graded another 5-miles south of Brady when construction was halted...Roger

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