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  1. trainchaser007

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    Does anyone know anything about the BNSF passenger train that just came through Sulligent, AL about 1:30 pm CT (less than an hour ago) today (6/14/10) going east toward Birmingham?...

    At about 1:30pm CT, my family and I were fortunate enough to watch a BNSF passenger train come through our town of Sulligent, AL, the first town on the Birmingham Sub after leaving Mississippi. If my parents hadn't just happen to be coming back from Amory, MS and running along side it, we wouldn't have even known it was coming through. (I haven't logged on in a few days so maybe that's my fault.) Luckily my wife and I are teachers and we're out for the summer. My parents came up on the train about 5 miles before it got to Sulligent and called us. We didn't even take time to put on shoes. We just ran to the van and did a little "train chasing" east of Sulligent after it went through town. We didn't even have time to think of getting a camera or pick up a cell phone which we could have used to snap a pic or video. If I had known yesterday that it was coming, we would probably be on our way to Birmingham right now. It was great, the first passenger train my kids have witnessed coming through our little town! They could hardly believe it! Heck, I could hardly believe it! I'm almost 33 and it was the only passenger train I've seen in Sulligent other than the Frisco 1522's 1994 run! At the ungated crossing, BNSF had a BNSF policemen in a BNSF "Poice K-9" SUV (never knew they had their own police) and some other workers in a BNSF pickup truck at the gated crossing. At each crossing the men stepped out infront of the crossings. They passed us going east with the train after the train came though. Any info will be appreciated.
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    Congratulations on seeing the BNSF passenger train. I cannot speculate on why it was run.

    However, I have met BNSF K-9 Police waiting by the Big Bend/Geyer Road crossing to catch crossing violators. The man was friendly enough, though businesslike. His dog, on the other hand, did not take to me at all! I forget the dog's name (let us say it was "Fritz"), but the policeman kept saying, "Fritz, Nein! Nein!" to quiet him down.
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    What you saw was the 2010 BNSF Employee Appreciation Special. I got to ride it out of Springfield last week. It was a three hour round trip and we went towards St. Louis, almost got to Lebanon. Below is the information that the BNSF sent out on it.

    John Chambers

    The 2010 BNSF Special, scheduled to leave Topeka, Kan., on May 30, will
    travel more than 5,600 miles and visit 13 cities in six states in 20

    What is the BNSF Special?
    The BNSF Special is an annual event that features a unique passenger
    train. The Special travels portions of the BNSF network and gives
    employees and up to three family members an opportunity to ride the

    * The BNSF Special is made up of 14 "vintage" passenger cars.
    * Snacks and beverages are served during the train ride.
    * Youngsters learn about Operation Lifesaver.
    * BNSF Store items are available for purchase during the trip.
    * Cameras are welcome!

    BNSF will also host the Boys & Girls Club and other selected non-profit
    organizations throughout the six-state tour.

    What's the schedule?
    Most events will be held at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. on the dates listed below.
    Some events will be dedicated to the Boys & Girls Club or other local
    non-profit organizations.

    * Sunday and Monday, May 30-31: Topeka, Kan.
    * Tuesday and Wednesday, June 1-2: Kansas City, Mo.
    * Thursday, June 3: Fort Scott, Kan.
    * Friday, June 4, and Sunday, June 6: Tulsa, Okla.
    * Monday and Tuesday, June 7-8: Springfield, Mo.
    * Wednesday, June 9: Thayer, Mo.
    * Thursday and Friday, June 10-11: Memphis, Tenn.
    * Sunday, June 13: Birmingham, Ala.
    * Monday, June 14: Amory, Miss.
    * Tuesday, June 15: Chaffee, Mo.
    * Wednesday, June 16: St. Louis, Mo.
    * Thursday, June 17: West Quincy, Mo.
    * Friday, June 18: Brookfield, Mo.
  4. diesel shop

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    2010 BNSF Railway Special.
    I rode the train Tuesday 08 June from Springfield yard east on the St. Louis line to about milepost 190.8. That's a little NE of Phillipsburg, close to Huben. Total miles about 100. Then watched the evening run leave town from the footbridge over the old Northyard.

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  5. meteor910

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    My timing today was perfect, and lucky - on my way back home from a business luncheon around 1:40pm, I was going east on Big Bend approaching the intersection with Geyer Road - where the Frisco also crosses at an angle (Windsor Springs). The lights came on and the gates came down - and here came the "BNSF Special" heading eastbound in to Lindenwood and St Louis! It was good to see it - an interesting mix of passenger equipment, though they didn't spend a lot of money on the new BNSF lettering.

    It was good to see a passenger train there on Frisco rails again. But a pair of Racehorses, or SLSF 1522, would have made it much better than with the two pumpkins!

  6. TAG1014

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    As long as we're wishing, why not oil up 4500 at Tulsa!

  7. WindsorSpring

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    It just went east through Geyer and Big Bend at 8:15 PM. Locomotives were at each end. There were only a few riding, it seemed.

    The wife said it went westbound around 6 PM. Could it have gone to Newburgh and back in that time?

    It came by too fast to get pictures.
  8. meteor910

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    George -

    They couldn't have run down to Newburg (mp 119.1) and be back in that amount of time (2hr 15min). Not even The Meteor could do that.

    Probably just ran out to Pacific, or maybe St Clair, Stanton, or Sullivan, then came back. The train power is double ended, so no need to turn it. Would need to get at least to Cuba to do that. Next chance would be Newburg (Bundy Jct).

    Too bad the passenger load was light. The BNSF should have invited people. We'd warm a few seats on that puppy for a ride down the Eastern Division on a great day like this one!

  9. trainchaser007

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    Heck, as long as you're all meet me at Amory, MS and maybe we can convince the city to let us restore |-|1529. I'm for going down to Mobile & Bessemer, AL and restoring those too. You all bring all the needed cash, know-how, and equipment :eek: and I'll bring some man power...which consists Wait a minute...OK..."REALITY" just sent me a private message!
  10. bootheel

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    Rode the Special (Tuesday) out of Chaffee. We rode along the river to the area around Proctor and Gamble/Trail of Tears State Park. It was a great trip about 3 hours total. Lot's of fun.
  11. WindsorSpring

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    I agree with Meteor910 that the evening run of the special probably did not go too far past Sullivan June 16. The table in the 1952 Official Guide that I have showed just over two hours to Rolla for the Meteor. It definitely was a push-pull out-and-back.

    How right you are that they should have contacted to warm some of those seats! They should know that now that they are bnSF, all that post-1979 stuff is forgiven and we would make no trouble.:rolleyes:
  12. tmfrisco

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    Ken, don't feel too badly about people not being invited because reitrees of BNSF (former mother road Frisco) employees were not invited either. I would have loved to have taken several of my family members to ride over the main that I once traveled:), but only current employees and a special invitation to a group of needy kids were invited:confused:. I could have ridden if I could have found someone who was not going to use his/her tickets, but that was not possible. Oh well, I'd rather be retired:cool: and not have ridden than still be working:eek: and ridden if those were the two choices. Thanks, Terry
  13. WindsorSpring

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    I just found out from someone who rode the evening run out of St. Louis that it went to Rook, about 30 miles beyond Valley Park and then returned.
  14. mvtelegrapher

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    Retired employees did get to ride, I know of two who called and got four tickets each. They called the BNSF number on the information sent out and gave their old employee i.d. numbers and got tickets. I saw several other retired employees and families on the trips out of Fort Scott and Springfield. I also saw several people who just showed up and if the train was not full they were able to ride.

    John Chambers
  15. tmfrisco

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    Well, that's wonderful:rolleyes:. I was told by the secretary in Tulsa that only current employees were eligible. I know my grandson would have enjoyed the trip. Terry
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    spelling is wrong

    It"s about time thr BNSF is trying to copy thr SLSF. With the orange loco. bring back the good old orange (FRISCo}
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