Baldwin VO-660 (Frisco #600)

Discussion in 'Baldwin Locomotive Works' started by rjthomas909, Nov 28, 2020.

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  3. Nice, nice “modern” addition for your layout Bob!

    The coonskin for under the headlight was added, might be loose in box if you don’t have it?
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    I just noticed it in the box, Steve. I will get it back on there and update the photos. Must have shaken loose in the mail.

    -Bob T.
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  5. It was a fun project. The paint got a little fade here and there and some dust and grime. The steps needed to be yellow and it needed the “V” board on front handrails. I added a rerail frog on one side. Then some sunshades like the Frisco used. The pictures look great Bob. I’m sure it sounds great also. Thanks for helping me play around with it.
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    FYI, one detail I always added to the Stewart VO-660 and VO-1000 is the radiator cap mounted on top of the headlight housing on the nose. It is visible right behind the headlight, above the radiator coils. Take a close look at the VO pictures. It's small, but it is there. This is the kind of small details I love!

    I had a Stewart Frisco VO-660 but sold it to someone in I kept my gray Stewart TRRA VO-660 and DS-44-1000 units, both really nicely factory painted and lettered, which I detailed, plus still have one Frisco VO-1000, also detailed but decaled over the Stewart Frisco lettering, which I didn't like - looked too bold to me. But, I really like the Stewart Baldwins and their real life counterpoints. Stewart did several variations of them.

  9. Thanks Ken, I will take a look. Funny Stewart did not add that? For being quite a few years old those are nice shells.
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