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    To All:

    I need help in replacing the factory horn on my MP15 with a better one. I have found a horn that I believe might be correct but not a bracket. The horn is:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Bob - The Details West AH-174 (235-174) is a Wabco Type E horn, and looks close to the horn the Frisco had on their MP15's. It looks pretty close to a single-chime Leslie, which, though I'm not sure, the Frisco probably used given they had a love affair with the Leslie horn sound and reliability.

    It seems to me somebody should make a single chime Leslie. I'll have to look.

    But, the AH-174 will do. One thing, though - for years the AH-174 was a brass casting and looked very nice. I've used several of them through the years, for example - on a Frisco SW1500. But, recently, DW has switched this part to a white metal casting. I ordered two packs of these from Walthers a year ago and received the white metal ones. They are OK, but the detail is not as fine and the surface is rougher than on the brass one. See if you can find the brass AH-174.

    As far as the bracket goes - I think you will need to use a scrap of plastic and shape it to the "tray" the horn is mounted on centered above the cab windshields. Shouldn't be to hard to get one that looks right. With a little surgery, you could probably make it from the bracket on the Atlas twin horn supplied with the MP15, but it would need to be mounted lower.

    Note also, depending on the road number, the date, and the amount of weathering, the horn on the Frisco's five MP15's was either red/orange, silver, or road grime color.

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    Thanks Ken!

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