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  1. Evening all. I am writing to ask you guys,what do some of you think about Athearn bringing out the Frisco GP-38-2 in their Genesis line? Speaking for myself, I can't wait to see them. So far the only problem I am faced with is, where am I going to find the money for all four,or at least a pair of them. So what are your thoughts? William.|-|
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    My plans are to shed a lot of my older units (Athearn Blue Box) on ebay or consign the units at a local hobby shop. I also plan on selling a lot of misc. items such as tool boxes and my weight lifting set (in which I never use) in a garage sale! I don't mind spending the money as long as I have something going out when I get something new. Even when you don't quite get enough to pay for everything, it still takes a big chunk out of the price! (And besides my wife doesn't complain as much).
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    Having seen the GP38-2s for other roads, I decided that I would not pass on any of them. Buying all four is a major commitment, but I learned to budget my entire year in anticipation of very significant releases such as these Genesis GP38-2s. When the GP15s came out, I thought that I should have at least one (#100) since it was such a nice model, but ended up picking the other two even though they are outside either of my target eras. I found a way to make it happen. I made the same mistake when the last RTR SD45s came out and only ordered one. I am still trying to make up for that because the SD45s were not produced in as large of a volume.

    If Athearn continues to release Frisco locomotives, regardless of era, I will be quick to raise my hand as an early orderer.
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    I still need to order at least one Genesis GP38-2. Where's the best place to order them from?

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    I believe you have probably missed the pre-order cut-off date which dealers were offering them at 30% off MSRP. Try calling Deb at Spring Creek Model Trains in Deshler, Nebraska and see what she can do for you. The # is 402-365-7628 or
    Feel free to tell her that I sent you.
  6. Evening all. Well since I last posted here on the forums,I now have at least one Frisco GP 38-2,and three L&N GP 38-2's. Would like to get maybe one more Frisco 38-2,but I don't really see that happening. William.

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