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Discussion in '2-8-2 Mikado' started by TAG1014, May 11, 2016.

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    Karl Re Yesterday's Archive photo: Karl I've seen a couple other photos of this engine dead line. There are always some reefers being aired out (doors, hatches open). Karl are you aware of an industry or business in that North Yard area that received refrigerator car shipments?

    Thanks, Tom G.
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    Tom, that stuck out to me, too. I've never seen a track chart/plan for North Yard; it made me wonder if they had a designated clean-out track.

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  3. Karl

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    With regard to North-Side customers, the first one that comes to mind is the FTC Freight House. My father took me there on several occasions, and as I recall, the building had a cold storage facility. One of the things that I remember to this day is that one of the loading docks had scores of refrigerator car, kerosene heaters. My young mind could not grasp the oxymoronic concept of heating a refrigerator car.
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    The freight house seems like a logical idea.

    Tom G.

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