Arcadia C-115.5

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    Arcadia served as a junction point with the Parson Subdivision. Between Arcadia and Pittsburg, "it" too was all about coal, and during the peak years of production, a daily, except Sunday, "Mine Switcher", train 152 and train 153, left Pittsburg during the evening and made a turn to Arcadia. Traffic was sufficient on the Parson Sub and the Ash Grove Sub to require that the station at Arcadia be manned during 2 tricks. After the war and until the end of its existence, service between Arcadia and Pittsburg was rendered by extras.

    The Frisco served the H & H Mine at C-119.5 with a 35 car siding.

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    I started working on the Afton sub in 1970 and at that time there was two jobs at Pittsburg. 1231 worked the feed mill south of Pittsburg and went to the end of the line which at that time was Dennis Ks. This also included the army ammunition plant. 1261 went to work at 6:00 PM six nights a week and did all of the switching and spotting around town before going east to Opolis and switching Clemens 25 mine then returned to Pittsburg and on to Clemens 22. After switching the mine the coal was pulled to a small yard named Mertz. The coal was ran around and taken to Arcadia and setout This usually took the better part of 12 hours to get back to Pittsburg.
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    Here a page from ETT 32, Feb 8, 1942, and it mentions some of the mines that David describes along the Parson Sub.

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