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    I recently started spending more time in the woods and wilderness in south-central Missouri. My family are avid hikers, campers, floaters, general outdoorsy type. This summer we learned a lot more about the logging and forestry history of what is now the Ozark Scenic Riverway. My interest is in learning about the connecting lines that once led through this part of the country, we have seen evidence of train beds deep in the woods, as well as following our favorite stretch of the Current river above Big Spring. I was hoping to find more images and stories about some of those short lived stretches of line that coincided with the timber boom.

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    Welcome Aboard Alexander.

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    Aaah! Spent many weekends canoeing the Jack’s Fork, Current and Eleven Point rivers! Absolutely God’s country with memories that never fade. I’ve always wanted to model a section of a lumber line snaking along the bank but alas, my modeling mojo has withered to a faint glimmer. The beautiful waterways would be a joy to model with a small ancient shaded gristmill along the banks like Alley Springs or Falling Springs or Turner Mill etc etc.
    Good luck and I hope to see some modeling from you soon.
  5. AC F, You do live in God's country. Here are some railroad & tramway row s in you area.
    There are more within the forum files. The files have information about logging locomotives also.

    A visit to Ellington's Historical Museum, Gerald Angel can tell much about the logging rail operations and the ways of life in your area back in the massive logging periods.

    You will find a lot by doing forum searches.

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