Acurail Frisco PS-2 3-bay covered hopper

Discussion in 'Covered Hoppers' started by meteor910, Dec 8, 2017.

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    I see on Accurail's listing of new HO products that they have announced a Frisco Pullman-Standard PS-2 three-bay covered hopper, grey with black lettering, Accurail #6533, $19.98 list. Look on their web page to see it. They do not specify what cu ft size this car is, but it is a big one. It's a nice model, typical Accurail, not always totally accurate for specific roads, but close.

    The also show a new 36 ft double sheathed box car with MKT lettering, in MKT yellow. Accurail #1307, I think it was $17 something. Looks like a neat little car.

  2. gjslsffan

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    I just got a couple of these kits today, 4750cuft hoppers #79953. I would like to see the mold for the end ladders, as they are one piece, and very crisp, I like they way it goes together, typically easy as accurail stuff usually is. The lettering is very crisp and sharp as well. But alas, as you say Ken it is not totally accurate for the SLSF in that below the side sills are painted grey. But easy enough to fix for me, I just assembled everything below the side sills and painted it black. But all in all, nice cars.
    assembly time for me on the second one was about 30 minutes. I cant say enough about the end rails on these, very nice.

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