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    Not only is the fire engine "a clean machine" to quote from the Beatles' "Penny Lane," but the Memphis police have arrived in a brand-new cruiser to direct traffic and support the fire department.

    Ken McElreath

    PA160015.jpeg PA160016.jpeg
  2. kenmc

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    The Memphis Union Station complex is now completed and operational, serving the MoPac and the Rock Island. The station and post office are patterned after the Omaha Burlington Station, but the engine house and power plant are authentic duplicates of the Memphis Union Station facilities. Here are some shots of the finished area.

    Ken McElreath

    PA160011.jpeg PA160035.jpeg PA160029.jpeg PA160009.jpeg PA160037.jpeg
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  3. timothy_cannon

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    Ken, this looks great!
  4. kenmc

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    Here is a sequence of photos showing the Memphis section of the "Texas Eagle" being readied for its evening departure to Little Rock. There the cars (RPO, express, two coaches and a sleeper) will be switched into the mainline train from St. Louis for Fort Worth, San Antonio and Houston. That's also the Rock's "Choctaw Rockette" awaiting departure for Amarillo TX.

    Ken McElreath

    PA160033.jpeg PA160030.jpeg PA160032.jpeg PA160004.jpeg PA160005.jpeg PA160034.jpeg
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    Pretty neat!

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  6. yardmaster

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    Ken, really like what you’ve done and are doing with this. I’ve always had a fondness for the solemn, plain and simple MoP passenger livery of blue with white stripe and sawtooth.

    Hope things are getting back to normal up your way. How’d your property fare? I heard Max Armstrong on his “Midwest Digest” talking about how the city of Cedar Rapids has a pretty mind-boggling number of trees to replace after the derecho.
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  7. kenmc

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    Pretty severe loss of mature beautiful trees. However, the Lord spared our house. The city looks like a war zone, and the "derecho" (straight line) storm was the worst ever recorded in this contry, with 140 mph wind for half an hour.

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  8. kenmc

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    Like Tony Koester, I've been doing this hobby long enough to become philosophical about it. Two things that I have noticed in the larger scale that I'm doing now are 1) the handling of backgrounds, and 2) the impact of small details that draw one into the scene instead of looking in from outside.

    With respect to backgrounds, I find that scenic backdrops can detract from the main elements I want to notice, so a plain wall is not such a bad thing. On the other hand, it's important to not have the wall itself interfere with the realism of the scene. The solution I have found is to have a "backstop" rather than a "backdrop" to stop the eye from straying farther away from the foreground. All it takes is a fence, small row of shrubs or trees, or signs to say, "stop here" when viewing . Here is an example, using my Fourth Street scene.

    With respect to details, consider this image of a switch ground throw at the Rock Island yard. At 27 times the size of an HO scale throw, it is quite compelling. I don't mind at all walking over to it and throwing it prototypically. Even the mass of the thing is satisfying. Sometimes I find myself throwing switches as I'm walking around the layout, just for enjoyment.

    So much for my cerebral observations of the day. Enjoy.

    Ken McElreath
  9. meteor910

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    Great stuff Ken, excellent.
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  10. fredman23

    fredman23 Member

    Not having a background so busy that it’s distracting is a good point. Although the blank wall does give it something of a “Twilight Zone” aspect.
  11. kenmc

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    I'm trying to finish my uptown Memphis scene so that I can have it decorated for Christmas. I wanted it to represent a suburban stop in a major city, similar to Delmar Street or Tower Grove in St Louis. Here is the Memphis neighborhood of "Cooper-Young," named after the crossing of two streets there. My model is an amalgamation of various suburban scenes that I have loved, most particularly the MoPac station area of Kirkwood MO. The general arrangement reflects that site, with the station itself modeled after the B&O station at Winton Place, on the north side of Cincinnati and a convenient stop for the University of Cincinnati students. The fountain plaza also recalls a scene at Mariemont, a classy suburb on the N&W on the northeast side of Cincinnati.


    Ken McElreath

    PA160021.jpeg PA160022.jpeg PA160039.jpeg PA160044.jpeg PA160048.jpeg PA160049.jpeg
  12. Are your vehicles mostly 1/32 scale Ken? You have a good variety in there.
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  13. kenmc

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    The foreground models are 1/24 and the background ones are 1/32, for a most interesting forced perspective on the scene, likewise, the figures. Note the VW bus behind the station, compared to the foreground.

    Ken McElreath
  14. kenmc

    kenmc KenMc Frisco.org Supporter

    So now it's "Christmas in the City," with a nativity scene, some musicians, people shopping and decorations of strings of lights over the streets and wreaths on the shop doors. All memories of my childhood, but pretty much gone now with virus fears and online shopping replacing the personal interaction and large family gatherings that accompanied the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas to all!

    Ken McElreath

    PA160043.jpeg PA160042.jpeg
  15. yardmaster

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    Ken, these last scenes are something I like. To this day, I feel like a little something is missing if I don’t make it to see the window display at Hutson’s.

    Very well done!
  16. kenmc

    kenmc KenMc Frisco.org Supporter


    We drove by Hutson’s on Christmas Eve after a wonderful caroling service at Trinity Lutheran, and there were NO TRAINS! Only animated Santa’s Workshop figures. An era has passed.

    Ken McElreath
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