A&M gets 4th SD70Ace, Special Paint scheme

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Murphy Jenkins, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone,
    I just wanted to be the first to announce that the Arkansas & Missouri Railroad has just taken delivery of a forth SD70Ace locomotive. The A&M acquired three SD70Aces to replace the ageing Alcos on the main freights back in 2013. This year happens to be the 30th anniversary of the A&M RR, so the locomotive will be numbered 1986, and it will be painted into Frisco black & yellow heritage paint. The company expects it to be out of the paint shop later this week. After that the unit will run a few special passenger trains, before joining the other SD70s on freight assignments.
    I personally can't wait to see the locomotive. It is about time we get a proper Frisco Heritage unit.

    Murphy Jenkins
    A&M Railroad Conductor
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    Sounds like an April Fool joke to me.

  3. gjslsffan

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    Roger that
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    Now Wait A Minute!
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    I sure remember zero hour.
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