956-965 (Former StLM&SE)

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    Can anyone confirm/deny whether any of this series would have seen action outside of the North Springfield Yards during WWII?

    Frisco Power cites that "...all of the series were eventually assiged as yard engines in north Springfield, Mo., until retirement shortly after World War II."

    I think I have an e-mail or post somewhere from Don Wirth citing that one of them could have seen/did see service in the Chaffee yards. I'd be eager to get a feel for whether any would have seen branchline operation (read: Leachville Sub -Caruthersville Branch)?

    Thanks, in advance,
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    Sorry, I know this thread is almost three years old, but I just came across it tonight. Consolidation no. 957 was mentioned in a 1982 Trains magazine article written by a fellow who took a journey in 1949 from the east coast to St. Louis over the Pennsy, then the Frisco to Salem. He rode in a Drover caboose from Cuba to Salem, and the locomotive that pulled the train was no. 957. He mentioned that it was built in 1902 by the Dickson Locomtive Company. So in response to your inquiry, at least this one did work a branch line.

    Pat Moreland,
    Union Mo.
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    Pat, no worries. Any reply is better than no reply.

    And, thanks for the information. I think I now have my justification for modeling one of these. I can also use it for yard assignments in our Kansas City yards!

    Best Regards,

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