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    BNSF 2357, ex BN 2357, ex SL-SF 687 idles at Galesburg IL on June 23. 2007. Photograph by Rich Lawler.

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    :cool: AWESOME Photo - Brian.
    The sun was at a perfect spot for the angle that you took the photo.
    :) Great shot for the modeler who wants to see detail, or the person who just wants a nice photo to place on the wall.

    :mad: Just too bad it's of that "other" railroad.
  4. Orange Crush

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    Actually I guess you could say it's now of that "other, other" railroad since BN was the "other" railroad. Poor 669 must be rather confused by now as to what is next for it!

    Kind of makes you wonder where the 669 might be now if that first merger had not happened.

    Brian Ambrose
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    SLSF 691 to BNSF 2361

    Photographed another different former Frisco GP38-2 this week in the Northwest. BNSF 2361 was leading a southbound local out of Delta yard at Everett, WA.


    This one was the former SLSF 691 and was built in 1972. Have to say it has picked up quite a bit of road grime working in the Northwest.

    Brian Ambrose
    Renton, WA
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    That's a nice photo. In that close up pic you can see what's long gone, the roof beacon, the gyro light, and the cab mounted headlights, and what's new, ditch lights, and nose head lights.
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    Re: SLSF 698 GP38-2

    Last locomotive to operate on the Salem Branch, 1984, as BN 2368.
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    The 2361 was one of the two GP38s (the other being the 2299) which were used on the hump in Tulsa with the new SD38s with hump controls bought by the Frisco. I would say it has weathered quite a bit since its repaint in the BNSF scheme. Terry

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