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    Finally got back to working on my 4416 conversion. Have the running boards done, and the domes in. Next is the new cab. I have attached my cad drawings of the cab. I believe there should be windows on the back of the cab, but I am not sure how big to make them. Also, does anyone have suggestions of how to make the canvas covers for the windows?

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    Daniel, my suggestion is to use toilet paper for the window shades. You can roll them up to show in the stowed position or cut a piece of card stock to show it deployed and cover with toilet paper.

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  5. WOW! Amazing picture Don.

    Daniel, for soft tarps and things like that. I use tissue paper like for wrapping a present. I make the approximate shape I want and soak it in diluted white glue.
    For rolled sunshades I would suggest making them a little over length, rolling them up and tying them. Soak, dry, paint and then trim to length when dry and solid. That works for any rolled tarps. To make a tarp over a load soak the tissue, drape over something interesting and let dry. It can be removed when dry to be painted. I usually dry brush a little of the high points to add the texture. So if it is a green canvas tarp, a little dry brush work with a light gray brings it to life.

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