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Discussion in '2-8-2 Mikado' started by frisco1522, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. frisco1522

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    OK you super sleuths out there, I need help figuring out the location of these two shots. I bought the negs on ebay and just got them today.
    Age wise, I would say somewhere around 1940 or so. Tender still has the small numbers on it and the "greenhouse" cab has had the front window closed off.
    Does anyone recognize this location? Looks like it pulling out of a yard in flat country. Could it be Springfield?

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  2. kenmc

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    Could it be Monett?

    I think there's an overpass at the west end of the yard. At least that's a clue for a location.

    Ken McElreath
  3. yardmaster

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    Where they are, they are beauties!

    I don't know which is nicer - 4100 on the point or the nearly-continuous row of outside braced boxcars following. Thanks for sharing, Don.

    Good to see your name on the board, Ken; here's hoping you've been doing okay up north.

    Best Regards
  4. Karl

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    I am with Ken. I vote for Monett. The track that is curving on the left is the west leg of the Central Division wye. The departing 4100 is located approximately at the west side of this map.

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  5. Brad Slone

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    I guess I'm going to go against the flow, but I'm not sure it is Monett. There is a photo on page 51 of Frisco Southwest that shows #4014 coming into Wichita yard with a overpass in the background that looks alot like the one in front of Don's 4100.

  6. Karl

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    The 4100's were too heavy for the Wichita Sub, which carried a max Cooper's rating of E-53.8. Good for 4000 class 2-8-2's and 1306 class 2-8-0's, but not good enough for the 4100's which were rated at E-62 (4100-4133) and E-63 (4137-4164).

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