4-8-2 SLSF 1502

Discussion in '1500 Class Mountains' started by RICHCRAB, Nov 11, 2005.

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    I think that is the only picture I have seen of a 1500 with a water car.

    I am not totally sure they are using it as an aux car or if it is on a work train or what.
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    Concerning the photograph of 4-8-2 SLSF 1502 in the Frisco Archives posted 8/31/2015, I notice what appears to be square holes at the front of the cylinders.

    Please see the following posted image by Arthur B. Johnson.


    Most of the other 1500 locomotive photographs I have seen show what looks like a drawdown bolt to attach the cover on the cylinders.

    Any ideas for this old man?


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  3. Karl

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    Shadows from the running board steps.
  4. DanHyde

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    Well, that is what happens when your eyes are shot!

    To late at night to be looking at photographs.

    I am kilted this weekend in Buffalo, MO. So the thinking cap in not on!

    Thanks for clarifying !

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