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    The Cache Valley RR (connecting with Frisco at Sedgwick AR) owned at least two 4-4-0 locomotives, numbered 503 and 508. 503 was built by Rogers in 1887 and 508 by Schenectady in 1891. Both were purchased second-hand by the Cache Valley. Frisco or Frisco predecessor companies would have been the most likely source... do these locomotives match any known early Frisco locomotives?
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    I think the Cache Valley RR was a narrow gauge road, so the Frisco was likely not the source of the locomotives.

    Ken McElreath
  3. arkrail

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    Cache Valley was narrow gauge (3'6" gauge) until early 1904, when it was standard gauged. The two 4-4-0s were purchased after it became standard gauge.
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    The Frisco did not have any 4-4-0's that were built by those builders during the years cited.

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