3800-3806, 0-6-0

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    On January 15, 1920 the Frisco issued an equipment security note for $14,029,500 to cover the purchase from the United States Railway Administration of 33 Light Mikados, 7 Light 0-6-0 switchers, 3500 Double-Sheathed 40-ton Boxcars, and 1000 Composite, 50-ton gondolas.

    The 0-6-0's arrived with a large USRA-styled tender, which was just slightly smaller than the tenders used on the light Pacifics and light Mikados. As delivered the tenders carried 16 tons of coal and 8000 gallons of water. The tenders also carried a coal pusher to assist the fireman.

    After delivery to the Frisco, the locomotives received Mellin Power Reversers, which were upgraded during the early 40's with larger Alco Power Reversers. The locomotives received Nichols Thermic Syphons, which improved boiler circulation and increased total heating surface to 2378 Ft^2.

    The locomotives were converted to oil circa 1927. The original tenders from the 3800's were assigned to seven of the Bolsheviks. The 1614 is an example...

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