29' 36' 40' What do you do?

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    Hi Y'all,

    Being absent from the hobby for over 20 years, I've now realized that those of us who wish to model 1890-1930 are basically hosed. There seems to be a great absence of 29' and 36' cars in general. So what do y'all do? How many work a 36' paint scheme into a 40' because of limitations?

    If you have any sources that are viable for the 29' and 36' cars, would you please be willing to share?



    I've looked into Intermountain and I'm checking Westerfield.
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    I use eBay and train shows to search for 36' cars. There were some old 36' Roundhouse, Athearn, and Varney kits on eBay the other day going cheap. Local train shows are probably the best bet, or you are stuck with kit bashing a 40' car kit.

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