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Discussion in 'General' started by geep07, Aug 28, 2018.

  1. geep07

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    A friend of mine has a 2 rail O scale layout and we where discussing about why certain cars derail at certain spots. I suggested we should focus on the cars trucks and wheels. I asked if he had a truck tuning tool. I was astonished that he said that he didn't think anyone made that tool for O scale 2 rail.

    Question: Is there a truck tuning tool for O sale 2 rail?
  2. gmankc

    gmankc Member

    I have not run across one.
  3. Sirfoldalot

    Sirfoldalot Frisco.org Supporter Frisco.org Supporter

    None that I know of?
  4. Coonskin

    Coonskin Member

    Nor me.

    What gauge is your friend in? The typical 5' gauge, or P-48?

  5. geep07

    geep07 Member

    Typical 5' gauge.

  6. timothy_cannon

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    3442447.jpg Won't this work?
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  7. geep07

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  8. meteor910

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    Agree! Micromark's truck tuner is quite valuable.
  9. Joe Lovett

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    Would Micro Mark's HO truck tuner work on O scale? From the photo that John linked it looks like it may be large enough.

  10. geep07

    geep07 Member

    It maybe large enough, but not long enough. The objective is to place the tool inside the axle cones of the truck and while spinning the tool it will be squared to the cone and ream out any burrs in it.
    Otherwise if you just do one side of the truck it will not be squared and you would ream out the cone unevenly and damage the truck not to mention you might have wobbly and bouncing wheels.
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  11. 19th st.

    19th st. Member Frisco.org Supporter

    Personally if it`s only certain cars that are derailing,i`d be more inclined to check the back to back measurements of the wheel set`s first.

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  12. geep07

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    We did!
    Without a truck tuning tool which is currently unavailable in O scale 2 rail, the next thing is to replace the wheels and if that doesn't rectify this problem , the truck will be replaced as well.

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