1915 Quanah, Acme, & Pacific System Map & Time-table

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    Hey Y'all,

    I have received a collection of maps, timetables, and system maps of all railroads in Texas dating 1860-1930. I will begin posting these maps, etc., for your historical enjoyment.

    Under conditions of the original issuer, I can post these for educational purposes. They are not meant for any other purpose, especially commercial. All Frisco related information will be shared. I have spoken to the Powers here and can post them. Please do not abuse the privilege I've been given. I am in the process of getting more from other states. Please be patient.

    Now that all the legal stuff is out of the way, here is the 1915 Quanah, Acme, & Pacific System Map and Time-Table.

    Enjoy! More to come...


    319--1915 Quanah, Acme & Pacific RR map & time table.jpg
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    Very interesting stuff Manny,
    It is interesting to see that MacBain is the last tangible station on the RR, and that was a pipe-dream at the time. It was clear in Hofsommers book too, that El Paso via Lubbock was the final, if not ultimate destination. Boy O'boy, had that actually been accomplished, who knows what kind of traffic would ply those now abandoned/taken up rails, would have seen. Understand that part of West Texas has never been out of Depression, 1915 was just 15 or so years before the "official start". We have all seen those paintings of those old cowboys sitting on the split rail fences, looking downtrodden, as well as their horse. I think these were inspired in that part of West Texas.
    This whole "Mantra" is pretty much what my freelance MRR is all about, the "anti-abandonment of the QA&P.
    There was a relatively close alternative route that took off West from the then FW&DC RY at Estelline TX (RR timetable West of Childress TX) as well, and believe it or not there was a tunnel on that route to the "Cap Rock" but the tunnel was wooden lined, subsequently caught fire and that RR was eventually abandoned as well.
    Yep, interesting stuff, makes me wish there were still rails out across that part of the country.
    Tom Holley
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    That's Quanah's page (1284) from an early Official Guide, right?


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