1900 Yoakum Construction Notes

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    St Louis Globe Democrat articles from Jan 10, 1900

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    I wonder if the supervisor listedin the G-D article (John Scullin) was any kin to the Scullin Steel Co. folks (and creators of the Scullin disc wheel center)?

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    The middle article seems like it's discussing the construction of the line between St. Louis and Kansas City that the Rock Island eventually owned. -Rich
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    Rich is correct. The RI line runs through Union, Mo and crosses the Gasconade River well to the north of the SLSF crossing at Arlington. The Rock Island StL-KC line, most of it long out of service but still there, is quite spectacular with some bodacious bridges and four tunnels, three of which have really neat pointed arch portals.

    There have been good articles written about this RI line in Trains and in Remember the Rock magazines.


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