1876 SL&SF RY 4-4-0

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    Here's a pic of my latest project. It will represent a very early ancestor of our beloved railroad. It has a long way to go. I straightened the humped boiler of the Bachmann Old Timer ( I haven't seen this done on a plastic 4-4-0 of this time period) and replaced all the detail parts with brass. The paint is gaudy but that's how they rolled in the glory days. I haven't even started on the tender but I wanted to show you folks an attempt at modeling the earliest days of our line. Behind it is a scratchbuilt gondola. I will add 28" tender wheels and make all eight tender wheels pick up current for reliable running via wipers. After final painting and weathering it should be quite rewarding. I guess this is as far back in time as I can go and keep it Frisco. I must be nuts.

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