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    And of course the queen.

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    So, you have 1502, 1518 and, I assume, your wonderful 1522 left on the roster? Nice, one of each class.

    What 1500's did you say good by to?

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    Like I have told you many times before very nice work, the difference in appearance without the top side air tanks is striking, also liked the changed in valve gear, I'm sure that was a fun one.

    I agree it is a bummer that there was other folks at the RPM meet from the forum, I suppose I'm partly to blame for not bringing it up here before had. But rest assured Ray and I have already made plans for next year.

    Lastly I'm working on the 1524 with my last set of delux gold decals, I want to thank everyone involved with that effort, they really make for a sharp looking engine.

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