1501 Restoration

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  2. Thanks for the article Don.
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    Friday Nov. 13, 2020, Mr. Nick Barrack, President USA TOURS in Rolla & colleague paid a visit to The Railroad Historical Museum, Inc. of Springfield, Missouri with the primary objective of promoting the 2020 restoration of the Frisco locomotive 1501 and the 1880 passenger car 563 at Schuman Park in Rolla, MO.

    The restoration work of both the steam engine and passenger car has been documented in a 46+ minute video on YouTube, link below. A number of businesses in partnership with the Rolla Park Board were able to take advantage of PPP (Payroll Protection Program) funds, a federal stimulus program offered to businesses as a result of the impact COVID-19 had on the US economy in early 2020, to support the enormous work effort required for this restoration.

    A complete list of sponsors can be found in the linked video.

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    Nice video and restoration.
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    The video is worth the time - at first I was thinking I wasn't going to sit still for a 46 minute video but once I started watching I couldn't stop. What great example of excellent project management!! Those seats are really ingenious for their day the way you can configure them to face forward or backward.

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    Amazing work! And to make it even more impressive was the timeline that they were working under. Starting restoration in mid-April and ribbon cutting in early August!
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