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    Hey Tom,

    Regrettably, Bachmann discontinued their tender sales. I have four of the medium Vanderbilts, but they are going behind 2-8-2's. I can't seem to locate any of the old time tenders of either Bachmann or MDC Roundhouse. All of my locomotives come with slope back tenders and would require major surgery to make look like the Frisco's. I would do it, except I'm still learning how to work with styrene.
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    Thanks Tom,

    I just looked. Nothing, but every lead helps. I'm thinking of taking a look into kit bashing a Mantua 4-6-0 tender with an coal bunker or oil bunker on top. I need to see if the sight has some drawings for the tender on the 0-6-0's.

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    Dan at Yardbird Trains is being very helpful in my quest to find a suitable tender for the 0-6-0's.

    I had the idea of taking the Mantua Rodgers 4-6-0 tender and kit bashing it with an oil bunker or even making a coal bunker to match that of the 3650 series.

    Here are the pictures he sent me:



    The idea is to shave off the top rails around the tender, ladder and the lantern on the back. Replace the steps with brass detail steps, add a cut off lever, ladder, back up light (functional). A new deck could be built out of styrene, as can tender sides.

    The only thing I'm waiting on is the length of the tender. That will be key.

    I'm seriously beginning to think about learning how to cast white metal and make molds and build my own Frisco tenders that way.

    What do y'all think? Does that tender have possibilities?

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    I think I just solved my tender problem for my 0-6-0's. They are coal burners. I have one kit now, and 6 more on the way.

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    I received parts from Yardbird Trains today. Take a look at the new sand domes on the locomotive. I will be using another metal boiler to take parts off of and will raise the center steam dome. It's coming along nicely.

    I'm still debating whether or not to modify the locomotive and use full valve gear. What do y'all think?


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    More detail parts have arrived. A few more are coming in, then I'll be expecting a new Northwest Shortline Gear Box, motor and flywheel.

    I'm on my way!

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    Would you direct me to yardbird models I have never hear of them. Thak you.

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    Sure Richard...


    Proprietor's name is Dan. Let him know that Manny in San Antonio, TX referred you.

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